30 Idioms for Kid

Hello and welcome to our blog post about idioms for kids! Idioms are phrases that have a meaning that is different from the individual words that make them up. 

They are used to express ideas or emotions in a more colorful and imaginative way. 

Kids love learning idioms because they can be fun to say and they can help them to better understand the English language. 

In this post, we will share some common idioms that are appropriate for kids and provide definitions and examples to help them understand the meanings. 

We hope that this post will be a helpful resource for parents and educators who want to introduce idioms to their kids.

Idioms for Kid

  1. “Break a leg” – This means “good luck” and is often said to performers before they go on stage.
  2. “Bite the bullet” – This means to face a difficult or unpleasant situation with courage.
  3. “Cost an arm and a leg” – This means that something is very expensive.
  4. “Get cold feet” – This means to become nervous or unsure about something.
  5. “Let the cat out of the bag” – This means to reveal a secret unintentionally.
  6. “Speak of the devil” – This is used when someone appears unexpectedly after being talked about.
  7. “See eye to eye” – This means to agree with someone.
  8. “Hit the nail on the head” – This means to do or say something that is exactly right.
  9. “Piece of cake” – This means that something is very easy.
  10. “Rain on someone’s parade” – This means to ruin someone’s plans or happiness.
  11. “Under the weather” – This means to feel sick.
  12. “Pull someone’s leg” – This means to tease or joke with someone.
  13. “Butter someone up” – This means to flatter someone in order to get something.
  14. “In a pickle” – This means to be in a difficult situation.
  15. “Throw in the towel” – This means to give up or quit.
  16. “Break the ice” – This means to start a conversation or make people feel more comfortable in a social situation.
  17. “Call it a day” – This means to stop working for the day.
  18. “Cut corners” – This means to do something in a way that is quicker or easier, but perhaps not as thorough or high-quality.
  19. “Get the ball rolling” – This means to start something or make progress on a project.
  20. “In the same boat” – This means to be in a similar situation as someone else.
  21. “Jump the gun” – This means to do something too soon or before it is appropriate.
  22. “Keep an eye on” – This means to watch or pay attention to something or someone.
  23. “Knock on wood” – This is a superstitious expression used to prevent bad luck after mentioning something one hopes will not happen.
  24. “Lend a hand” – This means to help someone with something.
  25. “Miss the boat” – This means to miss an opportunity or the chance to do something.
  26. “Once in a blue moon” – This means something that happens very rarely.
  27. “Pull out all the stops” – This means to do everything possible to achieve something.
  28. “Ride out the storm” – This means to endure a difficult or trying situation.
  29. “Take the bull by the horns” – This means to confront a difficult or dangerous situation head-on.
  30. “Turn over a new leaf” – This means to make a change for the better and start behaving differently.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading our blog post about idioms for kids! 

Idioms can be a fun and engaging way for kids to learn and improve their understanding of the English language. 

We hope that the idioms and definitions we provided in this post will be a useful resource for parents and educators who want to introduce idioms to their kids. 

Remember, idioms are just one type of figurative language, and there are many other types of figurative language that kids can learn about as well. 

Encouraging kids to use and understand idioms and other figurative language can help to improve their language skills and creativity. Thanks for reading!

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