30 Idioms for Conversation

Idioms are phrases that have a figurative meaning that is different from the literal meaning of the individual words. 

They are often used in conversation to add color and express thoughts or emotions in a creative way. 

However, idioms can be difficult for people learning a new language or for those who are not familiar with the idiomatic expressions.

This blog post is dedicated to providing a comprehensive list of idioms that can be used in conversation, along with their meanings and explanations. 

We’ll be covering 30 idioms in total, so whether you’re looking to expand your own vocabulary or help someone else understand idioms better, this post has got you covered. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of idioms and explore the many ways they can enhance your conversations.

Idioms for Conversation

  1. “Break a leg” – used to wish someone good luck before a performance.
  2. “Bite the bullet” – to face a difficult situation head-on.
  3. “Cost an arm and a leg” – to be very expensive.
  4. “Hit the nail on the head” – to say or do exactly the right thing.
  5. “Barking up the wrong tree” – to pursue a mistaken or misguided course of action.
  6. “Throw in the towel” – to give up or quit.
  7. “Beating around the bush” – to avoid getting to the point.
  8. “Bury the hatchet” – to make peace after a disagreement.
  9. “Let the cat out of the bag” – to reveal a secret unintentionally.
  10. “Cry over spilt milk” – to fret over something that can’t be changed.
  11. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” – something you have now is worth more than the possibility of getting something better.
  12. “Curiosity killed the cat” – to be careful not to get too curious about something that may be dangerous.
  13. “Add fuel to the fire” – to make a bad situation worse.
  14. “Kill two birds with one stone” – to accomplish two things with a single effort.
  15. “Throw caution to the wind” – to act recklessly or without worrying about the consequences.
  16. “A stitch in time saves nine” – taking care of a small problem immediately can prevent it from becoming a bigger issue.
  17. “In the nick of time” – just in time, at the last moment.
  18. “Throw in the towel” – give up, quit.
  19. “Out of the frying pan and into the fire” – moving from a bad situation to a worse one.
  20. “Throw off the shackles” – freeing oneself from restrictions or constraints.
  21. “Throw a monkey wrench in” – to disrupt or sabotage plans.
  22. “Kick the bucket” – to die
  23. “Let sleeping dogs lie” – to leave a situation alone if it’s not causing any harm.
  24. “All bark and no bite” – all talk, no action.
  25. “Wet behind the ears” – inexperienced, naive
  26. “Speak of the devil” – when the person being talked about arrives unexpectedly.
  27. “A picture paints a thousand words” – a visual image can convey a lot of information or meaning.
  28. “A penny for your thoughts” – asking someone what they’re thinking about.
  29. “A leopard cannot change its spots” – people cannot change their essential nature
  30. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – Eating healthily can help prevent illness.


In conclusion, idioms are a unique and fun way to express yourself in conversation. 

They add color and personality to language, and can help you convey your thoughts and emotions in a more creative way. 

However, idioms can be challenging for non-native speakers or those who are not familiar with them.

We hope that this blog post has provided a useful introduction to idioms and their meanings. 

By exploring the list of idioms provided, you will be better equipped to understand and use them in conversation. 

Remember, idioms are always best understood through practice, so make sure to use these idioms in conversation and see how they can help you to express yourself more effectively.

Idioms are an interesting part of language and culture, and this list is just a small sample of the many idioms that exist in the English language. 

Keep learning and using them, and have fun playing around with idioms in your conversations.

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