30 Idioms for Having a Good Time

Welcome to our blog post about idioms for having a good time! Idioms are phrases that have a figurative meaning different from the literal meaning of the words. 

They are often used in everyday conversation and add color and interest to our language. 

In this post, we will be exploring idioms that are related to having a good time, enjoying oneself, and having fun. 

Whether you’re planning a night out on the town, preparing for a big event, or just hanging out with friends, these idioms will add a touch of humor and expression to your conversations. 

From “paint the town red” to “break a leg” and “kill two birds with one stone”, we’ve got you covered with idioms that will make you sound like a pro. 

So sit back, relax, and let’s have a good time learning about these idioms.

Idioms for Having a Good Time

  1. “Paint the town red” – to have a wild and extravagant night out
  2. “Life of the party” – a person who is always the center of attention and makes social gatherings more fun
  3. “Let your hair down” – to relax and have fun
  4. “Hit the jackpot” – to have a big success or win
  5. “Knee-slapping good time” – a very amusing and enjoyable experience
  6. “All fun and games” – activities that are enjoyable but not serious
  7. “Party animal” – a person who loves to party and have a good time
  8. “Bubbling over with excitement” – showing a lot of enthusiasm and energy
  9. “A blast” – a really good time
  10. “A ball” – a very enjoyable time
  11. “The bee’s knees” – something or someone that is excellent
  12. “The cat’s meow” – something or someone that is fashionable or admired
  13. “The cat’s pajamas” – something or someone that is the best
  14. “The cherry on top” – an extra special touch that makes something even better
  15. “The life of the party” – a person who makes social gatherings more fun and lively.
  16. “Break a leg” – a way of wishing someone good luck, often said before a performance
  17. “Burn the midnight oil” – to work late into the night
  18. “Couch potato” – a person who spends a lot of time relaxing in front of a television
  19. “Wet your whistle” – to take a drink, often said when offering a drink to someone
  20. “Take it easy” – to relax and not worry or stress
  21. “Kill two birds with one stone” – to accomplish two tasks at the same time
  22. “In the groove” – to be in a good rhythm or doing something well
  23. “On cloud nine” – to be extremely happy
  24. “On top of the world” – to feel very successful and confident
  25. “Out of this world” – extremely good or impressive
  26. “Riding high” – to be experiencing success or good fortune
  27. “Roll with the punches” – to adapt to changing circumstances
  28. Swing for the fences” – to take a big risk in order to achieve a big reward
  29. “The whole nine yards” – everything that is needed or all of it
  30. “A wild goose chase” – a futile or fruitless pursuit or search.


In conclusion, idioms are a fun and interesting way to express ourselves and add some flair to our conversations. 

The idioms for having a good time that we have covered in this blog post are just a small sample of the many idioms that exist in the English language. 

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about these idioms and that you will start incorporating them into your daily conversations. 

Remember, idioms are not meant to be taken literally but rather they are used to convey a more figurative meaning. 

Next time you’re planning a night out or enjoying a good time with friends, try using one of these idioms to add some humor and expression to your conversation. 

Thank you for reading and have a good time!

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