25 Similes for Jealousy

Jealousy, that complex and often overwhelming emotion, has been a subject of fascination for artists, poets, and writers throughout history. It’s like a Pandora’s box of feelings, filled with a tumultuous mix of insecurity, resentment, and desire.

To capture the essence of jealousy, people often turn to similes – figures of speech that draw comparisons between jealousy and other vivid, relatable experiences.

In this article, we’ll delve into a unique list of similes for jealousy, each offering a different perspective on this powerful emotion. We’ll give meaning to each simile and provide a sentence to illustrate its usage. So, let’s dive in and explore the many facets of jealousy through these creative comparisons.

25 similes for jealousy

Similes for Jealousy

1. Jealousy like a Green-Eyed Monster

Meaning: Jealousy is often depicted as an envious and malicious force, just like a green-eyed monster lurking within a person.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy, like a green-eyed monster, made her say things she later regretted.

2. Jealousy as Sharp as a Knife

Meaning: Jealousy can cut deep, like a sharp knife, causing emotional pain and anguish.

In a Sentence: His jealousy was as sharp as a knife, and it left her wounded emotionally.

3. Jealousy like a Raging Wildfire

Meaning: Jealousy can quickly spread and consume one’s thoughts and emotions, much like a wildfire ravaging the land.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy burned like a raging wildfire, scorching everything in its path.

4. Jealousy as Cold as Ice

Meaning: Jealousy can also manifest as a cold, icy feeling, causing emotional detachment and indifference.

In a Sentence: His jealousy left him feeling as cold as ice, unable to express his true feelings.

5. Jealousy like a Snake in the Grass

Meaning: Similar to a hidden snake in the grass, jealousy can be lurking beneath the surface, ready to strike unexpectedly.

In a Sentence: She never saw it coming; his jealousy was like a snake in the grass.

6. Jealousy as Hot as a Burning Coal

Meaning: Jealousy can ignite with intensity, like a burning coal, causing inner turmoil and discomfort.

In a Sentence: His jealousy burned within him, hot as a burning coal, making it hard to focus on anything else.

7. Jealousy like a Stormy Sea

Meaning: Jealousy can create turbulent emotions, akin to a stormy sea, with waves of insecurity and anger.

In a Sentence: Their relationship was tossed about in the jealousy-fueled, stormy sea of emotions.

8. Jealousy as Bitter as Gall

Meaning: Jealousy can turn one’s feelings as bitter as gall, leading to resentment and negativity.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy made her heart as bitter as gall, poisoning her outlook on life.

9. Jealousy like a Festering Wound

Meaning: Jealousy, left unaddressed, can fester like a wound, causing long-lasting emotional pain.

In a Sentence: His jealousy became a festering wound, slowly eating away at his happiness.

10. Jealousy as Suffocating as a Tightrope

Meaning: Jealousy can create a suffocating feeling of insecurity, similar to the tension of walking on a tightrope.

In a Sentence: The constant jealousy in their relationship was as suffocating as trying to balance on a tightrope.

11. Jealousy like a Hungry Wolf

Meaning: Jealousy can be insatiable, much like a hungry wolf, always seeking more.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy was like a hungry wolf, always wanting to know every detail of his life.

12. Jealousy as Blinding as a Fog

Meaning: Jealousy can cloud one’s judgment and perception, much like a thick fog obscuring the view.

In a Sentence: His jealousy was as blinding as a fog, preventing him from seeing the truth.

13. Jealousy like a Ticking Time Bomb

Meaning: Jealousy can build up over time, like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy was a ticking time bomb, and it finally erupted during their argument.

14. Jealousy as Heavy as a Burden

Meaning: Jealousy can feel like a heavy burden, weighing down one’s heart and mind.

In a Sentence: His jealousy was as heavy as a burden, making it difficult for him to find peace.

15. Jealousy like a Thorn in One’s Side

Meaning: Jealousy can be a persistent annoyance, much like a thorn that continually pricks and irritates.

In a Sentence: His jealousy was a constant thorn in his side, making it hard to enjoy life.

16. Jealousy as Deep as an Abyss

Meaning: Jealousy can lead to profound feelings of emptiness and despair, akin to the depth of an abyss.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy dragged her into a dark abyss of despair, and she couldn’t escape.

17. Jealousy like a Haunting Ghost

Meaning: Jealousy can haunt a person’s thoughts and emotions, much like a lingering ghost.

In a Sentence: His jealousy was like a haunting ghost, always present in the background of his mind.

18. Jealousy as Toxic as Venom

Meaning: Jealousy can be poisonous to relationships, spreading negativity and toxicity.

In a Sentence: Their jealousy-infused arguments were as toxic as venom, damaging their connection.

19. Jealousy like a Stormy Cloud

Meaning: Jealousy can cast a dark cloud over one’s emotions, creating a gloomy atmosphere.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy hung over their relationship like a stormy cloud, making it hard to find happiness.

20. Jealousy as Consuming as a Wildfire

Meaning: Jealousy can consume a person’s thoughts and emotions, much like a wildfire devouring everything in its path.

In a Sentence: His jealousy was consuming, like a wildfire, and he couldn’t control it.

21. Jealousy like a Dark Shadow

Meaning: Jealousy can cast a shadow over one’s happiness and well-being, making it hard to escape its influence.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy was like a dark shadow, following her wherever she went.

22. Jealousy as Relentless as a Storm

Meaning: Jealousy can be unyielding and persistent, much like a never-ending storm.

In a Sentence: His jealousy was relentless, like a storm that never seemed to pass.

23. Jealousy like a Constant Echo

Meaning: Jealousy can be an ever-present echo in one’s mind, replaying doubts and insecurities.

In a Sentence: Her jealousy was like a constant echo, reminding her of her fears.

24. Jealousy as Destructive as a Hurricane

Meaning: Jealousy can wreak havoc on relationships, much like a destructive hurricane.

In a Sentence: Their jealousy-fueled arguments were as destructive as a hurricane, leaving emotional wreckage in their wake.

25. Jealousy like a Prison Cell

Meaning: Jealousy can trap a person in negative thoughts and emotions, much like being confined to a prison cell.

In a Sentence: His jealousy felt like a prison cell, isolating him from happiness and peace.


Green-Eyed MonsterDepicts jealousy as an envious and malicious force.
Sharp as a KnifeDescribes jealousy as emotionally cutting and painful.
Raging WildfireCompares jealousy to a rapidly spreading and consuming force.
Cold as IceDepicts jealousy as creating emotional detachment and coldness.
Snake in the GrassLikens jealousy to a hidden threat, ready to strike.
Hot as a Burning CoalDescribes jealousy as an intense, burning feeling.
Stormy SeaCompares jealousy to turbulent and chaotic emotions.
Bitter as GallDepicts jealousy as causing bitterness and resentment.
Festering WoundLikens jealousy to an emotional wound that lingers.
Suffocating as a TightropeDescribes jealousy as a suffocating, tense feeling.
Hungry WolfCompares jealousy to an insatiable, demanding hunger.
Blinding as a FogDepicts jealousy as obscuring judgment and perception.
Ticking Time BombCompares jealousy to a slowly building, explosive force.
Heavy as a BurdenDescribes jealousy as a weighty emotional burden.
Thorn in One’s SideLikens jealousy to a persistent annoyance.
Deep as an AbyssDepicts jealousy as causing profound emptiness and despair.
Haunting GhostCompares jealousy to a lingering, haunting presence.
Toxic as VenomDescribes jealousy as poisonous and damaging.
Stormy CloudLikens jealousy to casting a dark, gloomy atmosphere.
Consuming as a WildfireCompares jealousy to something devouring and uncontrollable.
Dark ShadowDepicts jealousy as casting a shadow over happiness.
Relentless as a StormDescribes jealousy as unyielding and persistent.
Constant EchoCompares jealousy to a recurring, echoing doubt.
Destructive as a HurricaneDepicts jealousy as capable of causing emotional wreckage.
Prison CellLikens jealousy to feeling trapped in negativity.


Jealousy is undoubtedly a complex and potent emotion, capable of taking on various forms and intensities. Through these similes, we’ve explored the multifaceted nature of jealousy, comparing it to everything from monsters and wildfires to tightropes and hurricanes.

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