30 Idioms for Food

Just as a well-cooked dish requires the right blend of ingredients, these idioms infuse our language with flavor and flair.

So, let’s embark on a linguistic journey and savor the richness of idioms that sprinkle a dash of culinary charm into our daily discourse.

30 idioms for food

Idioms for Food

A Slice of the Pie

Meaning: This idiom means a share or portion of something, usually in the context of a financial or business arrangement.

In a Sentence: After years of hard work, Jane finally got her slice of the pie when she received a promotion and a salary increase.

Bread and Butter

Meaning: Referring to the main source of income or sustenance for a person or family.

In a Sentence: Teaching has always been Tom’s bread and butter, but he also enjoys pursuing his passion for photography on the side.

Butter Someone Up

Meaning: To flatter or charm someone to gain their favor or support.

In a Sentence: Knowing that compliments could butter the boss up, Sarah tactfully praised his leadership skills during the meeting.

Chew the Fat

Meaning: To chat or talk informally, often about trivial or inconsequential matters.

In a Sentence: As they waited for the event to start, the group gathered around, ready to chew the fat about their weekend adventures.

Cook Someone’s Goose

Meaning: To ruin or spoil someone’s plans or prospects.

In a Sentence: John’s attempt to prank his colleague ended up cooking his own goose when the boss caught wind of the mischief.

Cool as a Cucumber

Meaning: Someone who is calm, collected, and not easily agitated or flustered.

In a Sentence: Despite the chaotic situation, Maria remained cool as a cucumber, handling the crisis with grace.

Egg Someone On

Meaning: To encourage or incite someone to do something, often something reckless or unwise.

In a Sentence: Mike’s friends egged him on to try the spicy wings challenge, even though he was known for having a low tolerance for heat.

Peanut Gallery

Meaning: A group of people who offer unsolicited and often critical comments or criticism.

In a Sentence: During the presentation, the peanut gallery couldn’t resist making snarky remarks, much to the annoyance of the speaker.

Piece of Cake

Meaning: Something that is very easy or simple to do.

In a Sentence: Fixing the leaky faucet turned out to be a piece of cake for Jack, who had a knack for DIY projects.

Pork Barrel Politics

Meaning: Refers to the practice of politicians using public funds to benefit their own districts or constituents, often for the purpose of securing votes.

In a Sentence: The opposition criticized the incumbent’s budget proposal, accusing them of engaging in pork barrel politics to gain favor in the upcoming election.

Sour Grapes

Meaning: A term used to describe someone who expresses dislike for something they cannot have or achieve, often as a way of coping with their own disappointment.

In a Sentence: Upon losing the game, Mark dismissed the trophy as unimpressive, displaying a classic case of sour grapes.

Spill the Beans

Meaning: To reveal a secret or disclose information that was meant to be kept hidden.

In a Sentence: Amelia couldn’t contain her excitement and accidentally spilled the beans about the surprise party.


Meaning: To present something in a more attractive or palatable way, often by minimizing or disguising its negative aspects.

In a Sentence: While giving feedback, Jake tried to sugarcoat the constructive criticism to soften the impact on his colleague.

Take the Cake

Meaning: To be the best or most outstanding example of something, often in a negative way.

In a Sentence: Among all the bizarre fashion trends, the neon-colored jumpsuit truly took the cake for the most outrageous outfit.

The Whole Enchilada

Meaning: Refers to everything related to a particular matter or situation, often used to indicate a comprehensive or all-encompassing approach.

In a Sentence: Jane didn’t just want a summary; she wanted the whole enchilada, every detail of the project’s progress.

Bring Home the Bacon

Meaning: To earn a living or provide financial support for one’s family.

In a Sentence: Despite the challenges, Sarah managed to bring home the bacon by excelling in her freelance writing career.

Break Bread

Meaning: To share a meal with someone, often as a gesture of friendship or hospitality.

In a Sentence: New neighbors often break bread with each other to foster a sense of community and camaraderie.

Burn the Midnight Oil

Meaning: To work late into the night, often in order to meet a deadline or complete a task.

In a Sentence: In the days leading up to the exam, the students burned the midnight oil, cramming as much information as possible.

Couch Potato

Meaning: Someone who spends a lot of time watching television or being inactive.

In a Sentence: During the weekend, instead of going out, Tom transformed into a couch potato, binge-watching his favorite TV series.

Go Cold Turkey

Meaning: To stop using a substance or engaging in an activity abruptly and completely, often in reference to quitting a habit or addiction.

In a Sentence: After years of smoking, Jake decided to go cold turkey and quit cigarettes altogether.

Goody Two-Shoes

Meaning: Someone who is excessively or annoyingly virtuous or well-behaved.

In a Sentence: The teacher’s pet reputation earned Jenny the nickname “Goody Two-Shoes” among her classmates.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Meaning: To enjoy the benefits of a situation without accepting the consequences or drawbacks.

In a Sentence: Sam wanted to have his cake and eat it too by taking an extended vacation without worrying about work piling up.

In a Pickle

Meaning: To be in a difficult or awkward situation.

In a Sentence: Forgetting her passport on the day of the international flight left Emily in quite a pickle at the airport.

Kill the Fatted Calf

Meaning: To prepare and celebrate a special occasion or event, often with food and drink.

In a Sentence: Upon graduating, the family decided to kill the fatted calf, throwing a grand celebration in honor of their son’s achievement.


Meaning: A product or service that is defective or unsatisfactory.

In a Sentence: The used car looked perfect, but it turned out to be a lemon with constant mechanical issues.

Milk Something for All It’s Worth

Meaning: To make the most of an opportunity or advantage, often by exploiting it to the fullest.

In a Sentence: Realizing the popularity of the trend, the marketing team decided to milk it for all it’s worth by launching a series of related products.

Neither Fish Nor Fowl

Meaning: Something that is difficult to classify or describe, often because it is a mixture of conflicting or incompatible elements.

In a Sentence: The new genre-blending movie was neither fish nor fowl, leaving critics puzzled about its intended audience.

On the Wagon

Meaning: To abstain from drinking alcohol, often as a result of having had a problem with alcohol in the past.

In a Sentence: After a series of wild parties, Jake decided to go on the wagon and focus on his health.

Pass the Buck

Meaning: To avoid responsibility or blame by shifting it to someone else.

In a Sentence: When the project faced setbacks, the manager tried to pass the buck by blaming the team for the delays.


Meaning: To be slightly hungry or in need of a snack.

In a Sentence: After the long hike, everyone felt a bit peckish and eagerly devoured the sandwiches they had packed.


SimileMeaningIn a Sentence
Cool as a cucumberCalm, collected, not easily agitated or flusteredMaria remained cool as a cucumber, handling the crisis with grace.
Like a couch potatoSpending a lot of time watching television or inactiveTom transformed into a couch potato during the weekend.
As easy as pieVery easy or simple to doFixing the leaky faucet was as easy as pie for Jack.
As clear as mudConfusing or unclearThe instructions for the new software were as clear as mud.
As busy as a beeVery busy or industriousWith multiple projects, Sarah was as busy as a bee all week.
As fit as a fiddleIn excellent health or physical conditionAfter regular workouts, John felt as fit as a fiddle.
As light as a featherVery light or weightlessThe package was as light as a feather, surprising everyone.
Like a bull in a china shopReckless or clumsyTrying to maneuver the fragile antiques, he was like a bull in a china shop.
As sharp as a tackVery intelligent or quick-wittedDespite her age, Grandma remains as sharp as a tack.
As quick as lightningExtremely fast or swiftThe cat’s reflexes were as quick as lightning, catching the mouse effortlessly.


And there you have it—a feast of idioms that add zest and flavor to our conversations. Like ingredients in a well-crafted dish, these idioms infuse language with a unique taste, making communication a rich and flavorful experience.

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