30 Idioms for Vacation

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we will be exploring a collection of idioms that have to do with vacationing. 

Vacation time is something we all look forward to, whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a longer, far-flung adventure. 

And just like any other aspect of life, vacationing has its own unique set of idioms and expressions. In this post, we’ll be diving into a variety of idioms related to vacationing, including those for planning, traveling, and enjoying your time away from home. 

From “hit the beach” to “pack your bags,” these idioms will help you talk about your vacation plans with ease and flair. 

So, without further ado, let’s start exploring the world of vacation idioms!

Idioms for Vacation

  1. “Hit the beach” – to go to the beach for vacation
  2. “Get away from it all” – to take a vacation in order to escape everyday stress and responsibilities
  3. “Take a cruise” – to vacation on a large ship that travels to different locations
  4. “Take a road trip” – to vacation by traveling in a car on a long journey
  5. “Fly the friendly skies” – to vacation by traveling by airplane
  6. “Escape to the mountains” – to take a vacation in a mountainous region for relaxation and recreation
  7. “Rough it” – to vacation in a rustic or outdoor setting, often camping or hiking
  8. “Sightseeing” – to take a vacation to visit and see famous or interesting places
  9. “Staycation” – to take a vacation at home, often involving day trips or local activities
  10. “All-inclusive” – a type of vacation package that includes all meals, drinks, and activities
  11. “Jet set” – to vacation in multiple locations, often in luxury or upscale settings
  12. “Winter wonderland” – a vacation destination with snow and winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding
  13. “Cultural immersion” – to take a vacation to experience and learn about a different culture
  14. “Glamping” – a form of vacationing that combines camping with luxury amenities and comforts
  15. “Off the beaten path” – to take a vacation to a less touristy or more remote location.
  16. “Pack your bags” – to prepare for a vacation by gathering and organizing one’s belongings
  17. “Get some R&R” – to take a vacation for rest and relaxation
  18. “Take a break” – to go on vacation to disconnect from work and daily life
  19. “Get out of town” – to leave one’s home or city to go on vacation
  20. “Book a trip” – to make arrangements for a vacation, including reserving transportation and lodging
  21. “Hit the road” – to begin a road trip vacation
  22. “Long overdue” – to take a vacation that is long overdue, meaning it has been delayed for an extended period
  23. “Paradise found” – to find an idyllic or perfect vacation destination
  24. “Wanderlust” – a strong desire or impulse to travel or go on vacation
  25. “Change of scenery” – to take a vacation to experience a different environment or location
  26. “Unwind” – to take a vacation to relax and de-stress
  27. “Check in” – to register at a hotel or other lodging at the start of a vacation
  28. “Check out” – to leave a hotel or other lodging at the end of a vacation
  29. “Take a dip” – to go for a swim during a vacation
  30. “Take a hike” – to go for a hike or walk in a natural setting during a vacation


In conclusion, idioms can be a fun and creative way to talk about vacationing. 

Whether you’re planning a trip, hitting the road, or simply enjoying some R&R, there’s an idiom to describe every aspect of your vacation. 

We hope that this blog post has provided you with a deeper understanding of the idioms related to vacationing, and that you now feel more confident using them in your own conversations. 

Remember that idioms are a reflection of our culture and the way we think about vacation. 

They can add color and depth to our communication and make our stories more relatable and interesting. 

So, next time you are planning or talking about your vacation, don’t hesitate to use these idioms and make your vacation stories more fun. Happy vacation!

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